Tips For Choosing Equipment Insurance

Appropriate and adequate equipment insurance cover is an important aspect of protecting against the revenue-producing performance of your business. Here are some considerations: Arranging Insurance You may choose to arrange cover through an insurance company directly, or through an agent of an insurance company. Another option is through an insurance agent. Insurance agents act for … Continue reading Tips For Choosing Equipment Insurance

Lease or Buy?

It’s time for new equipment and having made the decision to buy, the next question is often not what make or model, but how you are going to pay for it.   Financing equipment can be a minefield to the uninitiated, especially when the salesperson starts bandying about terms like hire purchase, novated leases, residuals and balloons. … Continue reading Lease or Buy?

Approval Tips

Credit check – Tips to boost your loan worthiness Shopping for a loan can be as daunting as choosing the right equipment. As well as seeing who offers the best rates, it’s worth assessing how attractive you appear as a potential borrower. Showing that you are a good risk improves your credit rating, saving you … Continue reading Approval Tips